Water Conservation is at Hand


Water conservation and ecological concerns are as important in Australia as anywhere else where drought is a common word and dwindling resources are frequent others. Various areas are effected and it can get pretty serious. Low rainfall is a problem in regions where cattle and sheep ranching are prevalent. Deficiencies can affect herd count and crop production like wheat and cotton among others.

If you care about your homeland or live in my local area, we share a perennial problem that from time to time rears its ugly head and turns into a real crisis. Think about 1994 and 1995 in Queensland for example. The drought was so severe as to become a record occurrence in the annals of Australian climate history. 2006 saw very low rainfall in the southern territory. Water tanks are becoming more prevalent to combat the situation and programs for recycling are in the works. Whatever can be done should be done.

Now most mainland capitals are experiencing a water crisis with figures well below average. It taxes the system and forces restrictions to be implemented. Hot weather always exacerbates the situation. What to do? I have some ideas that each and every one can consider.

You can buy a new water-saving toilet for one thing – a small but important gesture for everyone facing shortages due to droughts and over-consumption. There are plenty of toilet review sites online, like Rate My Toilet, where you can go to find out more about water saving toilets and which models are considered to be the best toilet.  You can fork over a few minor dollars as a symbol of your concern and support. I have read the statistics on water wastage with old models and how much difference it can make on an accumulated basis. The impact will be greatly felt. If you always wanted to do something as a gesture of your patriotism, this is a way for all to participate in solving a recurring and sometimes devastating problem.

Actually, most people need a new toilet anyway. They tend to last a long time beyond expectation, guzzling water over years and decades, crossing centuries, and dwindling precious resources with every flush. While avoiding tub baths (with frequent refills to keep them hot) and opting for short refreshing showers is quite good, this is even better. You use a toilet multiple times per day; and with all the people in your family, you can imagine the litres flowing out to oblivion never to return (unless you recycle, but most do not). So by changing one’s habits and opting for a quick bathroom remodeling on a budget, you can do your part and feel good about it. Kudos to you in advance.

Make a note so you don’t forget or print simply this blog. Talk to your friends and family to get them on board. The impact will multiply indicating how much of a difference you have made. Use Facebook, Twitter, and email. You don’t have to live in Australia by the way. Many countries share the water dilemma just begging for attention. Join the ranks of the conservationists now. I probably won’t stop harping on this, but you have heard me for now.